Testimonials from my clients


I had such a lovely experience working with Camille - I had several questions before I booked the session, which she answered fully, warmly, and quickly.

Booking was incredibly easy through her website, and prior to our session, she sent a document that perfectly answered and pre-empted my questions on style and make-up.

During the session (which I was now prepared for!), she was engaging, affirming, and so so kind. At one point, I asked nervously, "I'm wondering if there's something I should be doing differently with my face," and she said simply, "No, you're doing great." She said it so simply, like it was a taken-for-granted truth, that I started to ease up on my own anxieties about the shots.

After the session she sent an amazing set of a variety of photos. It was super easy to heart favorites out of these, and communicate to her which one I wanted to use as a professional headshot. She touched it up within days and provided two file sizes, one perfectly to what I needed the headshot for (2.5 x 3.5 inches, 150 dpi, less than 100kb), and the other being full resolution.

Needless to say working with Camille has been an absolute joy and breeze. She saved me so much anxiety by her thoughtfulness and attention to detail. This was easily one of the most affirming and stress-free photography experiences I've had. Highly highly recommend.


Camille was nothing short of professional, comfortable, and a joy to work with. She took the time to get to know me, listen to my story, and skillfully convey that through the lens. She made me feel such at ease (I'm definitely not not camera shy...) that, at one point, I forgot I had met her just that day! She spoke with me like my oldest friends do and I was able to relax into the shoot. If you're in need of headshots or any other type of professional/lifestyle photo, you've come to the right page. Thank you again Camille!!


Camille really strikes the balance between knowing what she's doing and experimenting with you to get what you want (since it's a picture of you, you gotta love it, right?!). She really made the whole experience fun and comfortable, and even though I came in a little nervous, I felt so confident as we warmed. Even more so when I saw the photos, as there were sooo many good ones to choose from! I now have a set of photos I really like and can use for different purposes (professional/personal). I've showed off some of the photos to friends, who are now in touch with Camille to get photos of their own! I've had professional photos taken before and let me just say I felt better with Camille and got better photos out of it! I got portraits but I know she does families and corporate too!

I was very intimidated by the thought of getting my headshots done, but Camille made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. She strikes a perfect combination of diligent professionalism and personable lightheartedness.  

Starting with the initial communication, Camille was very responsive, and was very clear about how to prepare best for a headshot session. During the session she worked within my comfort zone, but also knew when to encourage and recommend something different. While editing she met a very short turnaround time requirement to have the photos ready for a show.

What resulted were photos I am SO PUMPED about. It's weird to actually be excited about sharing my face with people, but thanks to Camille that's a reality!


Camille is a very thoughtful and skilled photographer. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with her to refresh my writer headshots. She curated a shoot based on the writing clips I sent her from my portfolio. No detail went unnoticed. If you are looking for a photographer to capture your spirit, I'm confident Camille is the one to do it.



I did a headshot session with Camille for my interior design business and I loved the results! Camille wanted to get a feel for my work before our session, and she had lots of great suggestions and direction during the shoot. I would definitely recommend working with her!