Just Generally

How do I schedule a shoot?

First, fill out my contact form. I'll get back to you right away. We'll discuss what you're looking for, I'll give you a quote, and we'll identify a date and time. Then I'll send you a contract and an appointment confirmation. You'll leave a credit card number to reserve your slot. I'll send you a style guide specific to your shoot. I also offer complementary phone consultations before your session where I will review expectations, share advice and answer any questions you have. 

Do you offer packages beyond those listed on the website? 

Absolutely. Please contact me with your needs and I can provide you a custom quote. 

Where do you do your family shoots?

I offer family shoots in your home or outdoors, depending on your preference. I have recommendations of outdoor locations, but if there's somewhere you love, let me know. If you'd like to do it in-home, I might ask for more information or pictures of your home just so I can appropriately prepare for the lighting conditions. 

Can my dog be a part of the shoot?

Of course! I love dogs a little too much. It will definitely make the shoot less organized, but I always prefer organic interactions anyway. Just give me a heads up if you're planning on bringing your pup.

Do you shoot events, engagements, or weddings?  

I shoot events, engagements, and small, intimate weddings on a limited basis. Please contact me for a custom quote! 

Are you able to travel outside of the Bay Area?

Absolutely. In some cases I will ask that travel expenses be reimbursed, but I determine that on a case-by-case basis. 

Do you have group rates for corporate headshots?

Yes. You can find rates for and book corporate headshots here.  

Do you sell prints of your landscape+flora photos?

Absolutely. I offer prints in multiple sizes at different price points. To learn more, please contact me

Your Shoot

What if I feel terrible in front of cameras? 

So many of my clients experience this (as do I)! First, I have deep empathy for this experience. I totally freeze in front of the camera. Some clients find that practicing facial expressions in the mirror beforehand helps them conceptualize how different expressions may feel and look. But in truth, it is my job to make you feel comfortable and seen. I will direct you and pose you, move stray hairs off your face, tell you when to sit up straighter, and find the angles that are best for you. I will talk to you if you’re nervous, offer you white wine or tea, and make you forget there’s a camera. All you need to do is show up! 

What if my family has trouble posing? 

Don’t worry--most do. I adapt to each situation as it comes. Sometimes candid photos, where I’m just watching a family interact, can be the best ones. Whether your children are crying, running, or pouting, I’ll capture some wonderful shots. 

How do I prepare for my shoot? 

I will send you a style guide prior to the photo session. This document is a comprehensive guide that covers clothing, makeup, hair styling, and any other questions that might come up as you prepare. I also encourage you to reach out with styling questions, makeup ideas, and feedback on selfies! 

Do you use flash lighting? 

For my studio portraits I use a combination of natural and flash lighting. When we’re outside, it depends on the conditions. Sometimes I might use an on-camera flash to accentuate your eyes. With family portraits I’ll usually bring some lighting equipment and decide to what extent I might use it depending on the lighting conditions. With events, engagements, and weddings, it’s venue-dependent. 

After Your Shoot 

What happens after my shoot?

First, I look at all the RAW files from our shoot. I weed through and choose the best ones. I upload those proofs onto an online gallery that I’ll invite you to join. Once you make your selections from the proofing gallery, I get started editing your finals. 

Do you use Photoshop?

Yes. I use Photoshop tastefully. I use it for brightening, for optimizing contrast and color balance, and for addressing imperfections. I aim to accent your strengths, minimize distractions, and stay true to you. In practice, this can look like: softening hard lines or highlights, addressing pimples or redness, easing dark circles, accentuating freckles, and anything else that keeps the focus on your essence. Of course I prefer to perfect a photo when I'm taking it, but yes--I can zap that pimple. Or those (few) stray hairs. Or blur out the words on that sign. Ultimately I use careful, meticulous Photoshop techniques that preserve the texture and sincerity of your shoot. 

When will I see my proofs?

It's about a 2-4 week turnaround time before you get your proofing gallery. Then it takes 1-4 weeks to get you your finals, depending on how many finals you’ve ordered. If you’ve got time constraints I try to accommodate them. I do offer expedited services for an additional fee.

How will I receive my final photos?

I will email you with a link to your personalized online gallery with professionally edited high resolution images.  

Can I get more photos than your packages provide?

Yes, you can purchase additional photos at $25/each.